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Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to establish a university standard for recognizing student athletes for extraordinary athletic performance while enrolled at the University of Maine at Augusta.

Procedures and Eligibility Criteria: Any coach may nominate a former University of Maine at Augusta student-athlete whom they believe meets the eligibility criteria and are worthy of the honor. Nominations must be made in writing and are accepted from September 1st through January 31st.

To be considered for athletic jersey retirement, the former student-athlete will be evaluated on the following criteria (1-6 are required; however in special circumstances an appeal may be filed by the nominator to be considered by the Universities jersey’s retirement committee).

  1. Played their sport at the University of Maine at Augusta for four years.
  2. Earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maine at Augusta.
  3. Exhibited good citizenship, sportsmanship and character while competing at UMA and after graduation.
  4. Attained first team recognition at the conference level for at least two years.
  5. Attained recognition at the national level for at least two years (nationally recognized All-American team, 1st, 2nd, or honorable mention during the career at UMA).
  6. Was a school record-holder or a conference/national seasonal statistical leader during the career at UMA.

Nominations forms may be mailed or delivered to the UMA Athletic Director.  When the nomination is received, the athletic director will verify that it qualifies for consideration. If the nomination is recommended to move forward, a five-member Jersey Retirement Committee will be selected by the AD and the Athletic Advisory Committee. The committee will consider all of the supporting documentation and if unanimously approved, will forward to the President of the University for final approval.

A jersey retirement ceremony will be held and the jersey shall be appropriately displayed with the necessary descriptive information in the trophy area, and/or in the appropriate athletic venue. The ceremony must be coordinated through the Office of Athletics in collaboration with the Office of Communication.

The jersey number, if applicable, will never be used again in the future. For those sports whose participants don’t historically wear athletic jerseys (golf and cross country), the schools warm-up or competition top for the sport, along with appropriate identification markings, will be used. 

Jersey retirement nomination form