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UMA Student-Athlete Advisory Club


Article I- Name 

The official name of this organization will be the UMA Student-Athlete Advisory Club (S.A.A.C). The responsibility and authority inherent to the UMA Student-Athlete Advisory Club shall be defined in this Constitution, By-laws, and in the University policy.

Section 1: Student-athletes come together throughout the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) to make their voices heard on their campuses, in their conferences and nationally in both divisions. Through Student-Athlete Advisory Club at each of those levels, student-athletes offer input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect their lives on campus. At the campus level, SAACs promote communication between athletics administrators and student-athletes or any student who would like to support the UMA SAAC or identifies as an ally of student-athletes and represent the student-athlete voice within the athletics departments.

Article II- Purpose

The purpose of the UMA Student-Athlete Advisory Club will be to:

  • Promote Athletics inside and outside of the competitive seasons

  • Create a fun atmosphere with all student-athletes and supporters 

  • Actively participate in the administrative process of athletics

  • Generate a student-athlete voice within UMA, Yankee Small College Conference (YSCC), and USCAA

  • Address concerns affecting student-athletes

  • Network with other leaders

  • Build leadership qualities

 Link: To S.A.A.C Constitution


Club Members: Name, Sport, Title in club, Hometown, Fun Fact, Major,

How To Join S.A.A.C:

Section 1: To join S.A.A.C, students will submit nomination of recommendation.

Section 2: Nominations will come from current or former student-athletes as well as coaches input. 

Section 3: Each nominee will write a brief essay on why they want to join S.A.A.C.

Section 4: Advisor will nominate students who would like to support UMA SAAC or identifies as an ally of student-athletes

*Incoming freshmen can join by submitting a form to the executive board or advisor of community and club service work they’ve done in high school.

Events: Community services, Games, S.A.A.C events (Talent show), etc..