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UMA Athletics Hall of Fame


To recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves in the field of intercollegiate athletics at the University of Maine at Augusta, either by virtue of their performances on athletic teams representing the University or by meritorious efforts on behalf of the athletic program or the University.


1. The nominee must be of good character and have demonstrated commendable citizenship both during their career as a University of Maine at Augusta student-athlete and since leaving the University.

2. To be eligible for nomination, an individual's last year of competition must have occurred five (5) years prior to being nominated. Current athletic administrators, coaches, and friends are qualified for nomination so long as they meet the criteria established below.

3. Individuals can be selected posthumously, and this qualification would supersede guidelines outlined in qualification No. 2.


All nominees must meet two (2) or more of the following criteria:

  • Team Captain
  • Most Valuable Player
  • All American
  • All Conference
  • Multiple sport "star"
  • Exhibited leadership in athletic participation
  • Demonstrated the ability to be a true educator to student-athletes
  • Exhibited concern for student-athletes both on and off the field
  • Contributed to the UMA athletic program in an outstanding way
  • Supportive of some aspect of the athletic program over an extended period of time
 Nomination Process

Nominations may come from those individuals or groups interested in UMA Athletics. Former student-athletes and current supporters of the athletic program are strongly encouraged to nominate individuals for consideration as inductees into the UMA Hall of Fame.

Required Nomination Information

1. Nominator's complete name.

2. Nominator's email address.

3. Nominator's phone number.

4. Nominator's address including city, state, and zip code.

5. Name of nominee.

6. Please briefly state why the nominee is worthy of consideration for induction into the UMA Athletic Hall of Fame.

7. If the nominee is a former University of Maine at Augusta student-athlete, please provide the student-athletes graduation class year, the sport or sports participated in, and comments concerning the student-athletes competitive prowess.

8. Please state examples of the nominee's leadership and support of or involvement in UMA Athletics.

9. Please state examples of the nominee's leadership and support of or involvement in community activities.

10.Comments that you feel will be beneficial when considering the qualifications of your nominee.

Deadline for Nominations

1. The selection committee accepts nominations from September 1st through January 31st, studies the nominations based on the established criteria, and makes a decision as to the acceptance or refusal of each nomination to the Hall of Fame.

2. Nominations must be in the hands of the selection committee by January 31st for consideration this year.

Selection Process

The selection committee will thoroughly consider all timely nominations and will determine the inductees for a given year. Nominees receiving a majority vote in favor of induction from the selection committee will be inducted. No more than four (4) nominees will be inducted in one (1) year. Should no one meet the criteria, the selection committee may decide not to hold an induction ceremony.

Selection Committee

The selection committee is made up of the following individuals:

  • Alumni Association Representative
  • Athletic Director (Women’s Basketball Coach)
  • Staff Associate of Athletics (Cross Country Coach)
  • (3) Faculty members that serve on the Athletic Advisory Board
  • UMA Golf Coach
  • UMA Men’s Basketball Coach

Special Circumstances

The selection committee recognizes that special circumstances may prevent an individual from meeting the criteria listed above. With this, the selection committee will entertain the nomination of such individuals who epitomize ideal characteristics for inclusion into the University of Maine at Augusta Hall of Fame but who do not meet the established criteria or qualifications. 

Special Items to Note

1. Nominations may be made at any time but must be received by January 31st, so that the selection committee may adjudicate and make recommendations that inductees may be advised and arrangements may be made for the celebration of the inductees during the week of graduation.

2. The selection committee will not consider nominations that do not meet their criteria. The selection committee asks the nominator to keep the nomination to him/herself to avoid any disappointment in cases in which the nomination is declined.

Hall of Fame nomination form