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Student-Athlete Spotlight, Jacob Jones

Senior Jacob Jones
Senior Jacob Jones

Hometown:  Houlton, Maine 

Favorite class while at UMA?

It would have to be a tossup between, The History of Food Cooking and Flavors taught by Professor Bernheim and the Game Warden course taught by Lieutenant Adam Gormely.

When did you start competing in highland games and strongman competitions?

I started competing at the Highland Games while I was still in high school around 5 years ago which led to me getting into Strongman competitions 3 years ago. This is my first year competing in track and field but there are similarities between the throws and the movements in the Highland Games which is exciting.

How have you balanced athletics with academics here at UMA?

It is difficult to make time for physical fitness around all the work that school takes but you have to fit it in whenever you can. 

What are your plans after graduation?

I hope to get a job with the United States Border Patrol as an agent and I am currently going through that hiring process.  

What is your Spirit animal?

Grizzly Bear! 

Why did you choose to attend UMA?

UMA gave me the best financial aid package when I was applying to schools and that's what it ended up coming down to.  I'm glad with my choice of UMA because it suited my lifestyle very well as far as flexibility and geographic location.  


YSCC Conference Invitational Championship:

  • 1st Hammer Throw
  • 4th Discus
  • 2nd Shot Put

USCAA National Invitational Championship:

  • 7th Shot Put
  • 5th Hammer Throw