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Student-Athlete Spotlight, Abby Haskell

Abby Haskell - UMA Track and Field
Abby Haskell - UMA Track and Field


Hometown: Windsor, Maine

Major: Liberal Studies with a minor in Early Elementary Teaching

Favorite Class:

I really like all of my Education classes because they allow and encourage me to get in the classroom early and shadow teachers. This shows me what teaching is all about and it showed me that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life!

When did you start competing in track:

I have bounced around a lot with track in high school actually. I did outdoor track my freshman and sophomore year and I did indoor track my sophomore and junior year. I bounced around so much because I also enjoyed playing basketball and lacrosse!

How have you balanced athletics and academics at UMA:

I took all my classes online so I was able to get myself in a routine of days where I would sit down and finish my assignments. This routine allowed me to be able to attend some practices (when I wasn’t working!) and to attend the meets on the weekends!

What are you looking forward to next season:

I’m looking forward to improving my personal records and to see how well the team can do together next year! Some teammates on our relay team had never done it before and I’m excited to see how we will improve our time next season!!

Spirit Animal:

I would have to say a turtle because slow and steady always wins the race!

Why did you choose UMA:

UMA was a lot closer to home and more affordable than where I was going before! I also really wanted to continue playing sports and I knew that UMA was the perfect school for me to do that!! I love the decision I made, I love UMA!!

2019 Outdoor Track Highlights: 

Triple Jump (1st) nationally in the USCAA 

Long Jump (3rd) nationally in the USCAA 

100m (4th) nationally in the USCAA 

1st 4x100m Relay Team at the USCAA National Invitational Championship

1st 4x400m Relay Team at the USCAA National Invitational Championship