Student-Athlete Spotlight, Kate Stevens

Student-Athlete Spotlight, Kate Stevens

Hometown: Solon, Maine

Major: Business Administration

Favorite class at UMA?

I like a challenge so I have to say so far my favorite class has been accounting.

When did you start playing Basketball?

I started playing basketball in first grade.


How have you balanced athletics with academics here at UMA?

I balance athletics and academics by staying determined and organized.

Being a student-athlete is challenging but I have a great support group with my family and team that has helped to keep me focused. I learned in high school the importance of time management and being organized. It takes a lot of self discipline. I am really looking forward to my next semester!


What has been your Season Highlight so far?

Season highlight is the bonding and fun I’ve had on our team trips. Memories that will last a lifetime!


What is your Spirit animal?

The Moose of course! Its majestic and makes everyone think of Maine.


Why did you choose to attend UMA?

I choose UMA because it allowed me to pursue my goals for my education at an affordable cost. I also was able to continue to play a sport that I really enjoyed. It was the perfect combination.