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Student-Athlete Spotlight, Evan Kordalski

Student-Athlete Spotlight, Evan Kordalski


Lewsiton, Maine 


 Liberal Arts 

 Favorite class at UMA?

 Public Speaking


When did you start playing golf? Was there someone that got you into it?

I started playing Golf very young, it was mostly my dad and older brother but also watching Tiger Woods is what really got me hooked. 


How have you balanced athletics with academics so far in your first semester at UMA?

It's been busy with work, school and Athletics but UMA staff provides the help to make you successful. Other classmates have been very helpful as well.


What has been your season highlight so far? What are your goals for the remaineder of the season?

My high point of the start of the season was finishing first place in the opening tournament in Concord, New Hampshire. 


What is your Spirit animal? 

 My spirit animal is a Chinchilla because I'm always chinchillllllin :)


Why did you choose to attend UMA?

UMA was an easy choice, small school with great people that are willing to help you succeed and make you feel important at the same time.