Alumni Spotlight, Martin Campbell

Alumni Spotlight, Martin Campbell

Please share a few of your favorite memories about your time at UMA

Some of my favorite memories during my time at UMA had to have been, being the captain of the UMA Men’s basketball team, helping to lead them to their first USCCA championship and two national bids. I was also the first Admissions Ambassador, giving tours several times a week to incoming students. And obviously meeting my wife who at the time played for the women's soccer team while I was playing for the men’s.

How did your UMA education prepare you for the world after graduation?

UMA prepared me for the world because of the staff, Jennifer Laney, Rose Pelletiere, Jim Ford who are all still at the university helped shape me into the young successful man I am today. They always held me accountable, helped me when needed and genuinely became family.

What lessons did you learn as a Moose athlete that have benefitted you as a professional? As a person?

I learned as a Moose athlete to never be afraid to let your voice be heard. As an athlete I often spoke loud and often. It is one of the reasons I was such a vital part of the athletic program. I learned as a moose athlete how to recruit players, which I did often, how to communicate with people from all walks of life and not only tell people how to succeed but being an athlete gave me the ability to also show people.

What UMA coach, professor, administrator, or classmate had the most influence on your time at UMA? Why that person? What was their impact?

Jim Ford, Jennifer Laney, and Tristan Starbird all worked for UMA when I started school. Without all three of them I would not have gotten as much as I did out of my time at UMA. Tristan always made sure I had everything I need, always looking out for me like I was family. Jennifer Laney always kept me in check. letting me know when I was doing right and when I was doing wrong. Coach Ford always looked at me more than just a member of his team but as a part of his staff, always asking my opinion and helping me become the team's unquestioned vocal leader. I also have to give credit to my sister, who I convinced to attend UMA with me. Together we were and still are the most influential athletes to graduate from UMA.

What advice would you give to current and future student-athletes at UMA?

Don't take for granted the opportunities that are available for you. Learn, take in as much as you can and always, always get to know the people around you. I have personally made lifelong friends and connections just from making myself visible on campus.

What have you been up to in your professional life?

My personal life has been full of success and nothing but wonderful experiences. Growing up I was always intrigued by comics. I loved the idea of combining art with words and watching as my eyes digested something magical happening. Since graduating I have coached basketball at the collegiate level and the high school level. Currently I am a coaching basketball at Noble High School. (until Jim Ford retires).

I am also a health teacher for Noble Middle School.

I have also published my first book called MAINE AFTER DARK and am gearing up to release my next book in February.

I married the love of my life Sarah Campbell and am currently raising chickens and gearing up to release my first brew of craft beer called Handsome Jack at my lake house brewery in Sanford ME.